fact sheet

Our Mission
Our mission is to revive the physical, economic, social and cultural value of the Ocean Hill and Brownsville neighborhoods of Brooklyn, New York.

Our Goal
Our goal is to add to the quality of life within Ocean Hill and Brownsville making the neighborhood an attractive place for people to live, own a business and visit.

Our Objective
To become a community-based organization dedicated to neighborhood improvement in the Ocean Hill and Brownsville communities of Brooklyn, New York by helping to preserve and enhance the physical infrastructure, economic, social and cultural aspects of the neighborhood.

Our Values
We value the character and uniqueness of the people who live here, businesses that operate here and visitors who visit here.

Our Purpose

  • To build relationships between Ocean Hill and Brownsville residents, businesses, organizations, institutions and other individuals and neighborhoods that are dedicated to neighborhood improvement.
  • To assist with developing and implementing community-based initiatives focused on neighborhood improvement within the Ocean Hill and Brownsville communities.
  • To identify and secure resources both financial and physical which will help facilitate and promote community-based initiatives within the Ocean Hill and Brownsville communities.
  • To act as a liaison between the Ocean Hill and Brownsville communities and local, state and federal resources that exist for neighborhood improvement.
Our Service Divisions
  • Housing & Quality
  • Economic Growth & Development
  • Educational Enrichment & Opportunity
  • Social & Culture Awareness

Get Involved
  PO Box 330479 | Brooklyn, NY 11233 | info@oceanhillbrownsville.org

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